A Thermomix On My Bench!

The Farmer's WifeOctober 10, 2021


This was our Sunday Brunch, a deliciously decadent Mediterranean seafood rice, reminiscent of paella. With the Thermomix on my bench, I could toss the ingredients in, and go about the general Sunday chores of cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! With integrated guided cooking it was a simple matter of clicking 'NEXT' 'NEXT' 'NEXT' until the dish was done. 

But wait there's more! With a full belly, I had to work out how much money was saved by making a dish like this at home, rather than going out. When the cost was calculated this ended up at approx $8.50 per serve...4 generous serves all up. It was out of this world tasty, and better than most dishes we get served up when dining out unless of course we fork out hundreds of $$$s.

Its really that simple! The Thermomix is a time saver, money saver, and hands down the best appliance you could invest in. 

Curious? You're allowed to be curious, and there's no pressure sell from my end either. Your first step to exploring the Thermomix and how it can revolutionise your kitchen is to organise a Cooking Experience tailored to your needs. That's as simple as sending me a message, email or calling to say 'hey...tell me more!' Together we then work out how you can save time in your day, declutter your pantry, and take the stress out of your week with in-built shopping lists, meal planning, and access to over 60,000 recipes at the push of a button.

For the curious, text or call me on 0418 495 422 and we can sort out a plan to answer your questions. 

What? You want it now? That's exactly how it happened for me! As soon as I tasted the best-ever-stir-fry-veg I was hooked, and Hapi only found out later than night we were waiting for a Thermomix to arrive! LOL! And we haven't looked back. And it's been the best investment. Since purchasing last September we have changed our diet for the better, eat amazing food all the time, I've launched a food biz and our foodie life gets better and better.

If you need no more convincing CLICK HERE and you can organise to have a Thermomix on your bench in no time!

Current interest free offer below! 

A thermomix on my bench

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