Watercress, and why we should eat it!

The Farmer's WifeAugust 29, 2022

This week you'll find a lovely fat bunch of fresh picked watercress in your Bargain Box. Mildly bitter, watercress is an excellent green to incorporate into your diet. 

A brassica like cabbage and broccoli, watercress was once considered a weed, and found growing around streams and creeks. An extremely nutrient dense food you'll find it provides vitamins A, C and lots of K along with calcium and manganese, along with small traces of other wonderful nutrients. Add antioxidents, polyphenols and dietary nitrates all excellent at boosting heart health, reducing inflammation and cholesterol and potentially protecting you from disease.

Cooked or raw watercress is delicious. Follow this link to a simple Watercress and Beetroot Salad to get you on your way... 

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