Hapi's Farming Week

Hapi's favourite lettuce – the green Cos

The Farmer's WifeOctober 20, 20201 comment

Cos lettuce, also known as Romaine lettuce, is our best selling lettuce and it is easy to understand why. Long crisp leaves, perfect for scooping up dressings and ingredients, with a mild flavour. Made famous as the star ingredient of Caesar salad, in many parts of the world cos lettuce has always been the go-to...

Bent over double picking asparagus!

The Farmer's WifeSeptember 29, 2020

If you are an asparagus lover, then you will be delighted with our organic, spray free asparagus. In late winter to early spring, the spears shoot out of the bare ground for Hapi to harvest. Ranging in size from pencil thin to thicker stems, he also grows a beautiful purple...

Farm Life With Hapi

The Farmer's WifeJuly 23, 2020

Good picking – Watermelon Radish This week Hapi was out picking watermelon radish for all of our boxes. A winter radish, it is a relative of daikon, originating in China, with a bright pink-red interior. Weirdly watermelon does not refer to the flavour, rather to it’s colouring! Leaves and root...