Farm Life With Hapi

The Farmer's WifeJuly 23, 2020

Good picking – Watermelon Radish

This week Hapi was out picking watermelon radish for all of our boxes. A winter radish, it is a relative of daikon, originating in China, with a bright pink-red interior. Weirdly watermelon does not refer to the flavour, rather to it’s colouring! Leaves and root are edible and can be eaten in salads and also cooked. Try the leaves cooked through with your potatoes for mash!


Hump Day
There’s more to planting veg than sticking seedlings in the ground! Months before harvest Hapi starts planning his next areas. This pic show the preparation for a spring planting area. The old vegetation has been plowed through the ground and slashed. Next he goes over the area with a rotary to mix everything together, filling the soil with green matter as fertiliser. The final go with the tractor creates these huge humps. This is important as the beds lay across the land and help stop rain running down the slope…in effect a way to capture moisture where it is required. Prior to planting Hapi shovels out the trench further to create a flat top for planting. Over the period of a few months the humps eventually flatten down and the process starts over.



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