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Cos lettuce, also known as Romaine lettuce, is our best selling lettuce and it is easy to understand why. Long crisp leaves, perfect for scooping up dressings and ingredients, with a mild flavour. Made famous as the star ingredient of Caesar salad, in many parts of the world cos lettuce has always been the go-to leaf. Unlike other lettuces cos has the ability to stay crunchy in a salad for longer, without wilting.

While some folk believe the name comes from the island of Kos in Greece, near the Turkish border, others are of the opinion it is derived from the Arabic word khus, which means lettuce. In fact this is the lettuce grown and eaten regularly in those areas.

Vibrant salad with cos lettuce

Even though cooling salads are associated with hot weather, most varieties of lettuce do not grow well in the heat. Cos however is heat tolerant and can be grown through summer with some success.

If you have never grilled cos on the barbecue you are in for a treat. It's lovely sliced in half, then brushed with oil. Slap it on the grill until it wilts and has good char marks. Now you just pop it onto a plate and add your favourite dressings.

Cos works well with creamy based dressing such as aioli and mayo. Remember the salad rule – 'Add a fruit, a nut, a cheese' – and you can't go far wrong.

Here's why Charmaine from Ecomumma gets excited about cos lettuce:

'The humble Cos lettuce is a great swap when looking for lowering your carbohydrate intake. It gently folds like a taco or wrap to hold all of the goodies in. Leafy greens are a great addition in to every day diets. Cos is high in Vitamin A and C which makes it super protective of your cells against stressors. Also high in Vitamin K, Cos will support bone strength and blood quality. 1 cup of Cos provides your daily Vitamin A and K intake and around 20% of your daily folate intake. This making Cos a fantastic addition during pregnancy.'

The Farmer's Wife also has a fabulous plant-based Caesar Salad recipe this week!


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Van on October 20, 2020

Great tip about the salad rule.
I did not know this!
Will have to keep this one in mind for future salads.
Thank you :)

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