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Quick Pickled Cherry Tomatoes

The Farmer's WifeFebruary 11, 2022

Sunday breakfast just got delicious! Quick pickled cherry tomatoes with basil are made ahead, and ready to spoon over your toast of choice for a delicious summery breakfast inspired by Italian bruschetta. Cherry tomatoes are coming direct from our local farmer, with fragrant Greek basil picked fresh. The 10 minutes...

Is it ok to eat THAT?

The Farmer's WifeOctober 18, 2020

Do you know what the difference is between Best Before and Use By dates? Learn how we are reducing wastage by scanning dates regularly, and popping them into our Super Savers area.

Weed Eaters!

The Farmer's WifeJuly 23, 20202 comments

Eating weeds is not as crazy as it sounds. Around the world traditional cultures have embraced the local ‘weeds’ and developed wonderful dishes from these unloved plants. The dictionary meaning of a weed is of a plant growing where it is not wanted. Yet weeds offer so much more to...