A healthy start to summer!

The Farmer's WifeJanuary 01, 2021

Summer Selection

Happy new year, the time of resolutions and change! 

It's a new year for us at the farm, and time to take stock and adjust our farming path. January is good like that...not only do we get a little bit of downtime, but resolutions to do better are in the air as well!

In January and February we plan to continue with our Summer Seasonal boxes so that you can order in the fresh produce that suits your lifestyle best. Our all-rounder selection, the Summer Bargain Box will have fruit, veg, a green and a herb...at $30 it is a great little box for the season.

If sun, sand, salad and fruit is your regular go-to then you are in luck! Our Summer Fruit and Summer Salad will sort you out perfectly.

Our Summer Essentials Box is where you will find all the veg for cooking like potatoes, onions, eggplant, zucchini etc. Add a Summer Flavour Pack for your garlic, ginger and chilli needs.

You'll be able to purchase local free range eggs separately, along with additional greens and produce as they come into season. Details will be online Monday afternoon to make your selection easier.

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