Is it possible to create a healthier 'you' when 60 or 70 looms near?

The Farmer's WifeNovember 10, 2020

If you remember, about 3 months ago Hapi was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and hypertension. As for me, it had become obvious that dairy was not my friend at all anymore, and gluten had never been tolerated. But farm life is busy, Covid a roller coaster, and we both had fallen into bad habits.

Our health journey...
To begin with, Hapi had to completely alter his habits. No more going hours without food, and letting hangry take over. Plus fruit was his go-to snack all day, every day. A firm believer that if it is natural it is good for you, it took a some effort to convince him to swap fruit for a good salad.

And my eating patterns were terrible too, but in a different way. Tired and run down it was easier to just give in and eat 'whatever' rather than listening to my body and fueling it with good food. Instead of cooking it was just easier (lazier) to have whatever was around even if there was gluten or dairy involved. No matter how convenient those Uber-delivered meals are rarely tasty...or warm!

What changed?
Around the beginning of September we had a Thermomix demonstration at the farm and the were blown away by the simplest of dishes! The best stir-fry veg, a creamy quick risotto, all using our lovely fresh veg, all made in one pot without a mountain of mess. And so, this one machine, and a loosely based paleo diet have turned our lives around.


Our Thermomix arrived around mid September and has been in use every single day, and has made a transition to a paleo diet pleasantly easy. 

To help Hapi adjust it was important to cook a healthy and savoury breakfast to start his day. The hands-off nature of Thermomix makes multi tasking at busy times easy. Our very first breakfast was boiled eggs with a creamy coconut curry sauce and steamed broccolini. Delicious!

Simple chopped salads sit in the fridge ready to add to his meals. Eggs are boiled and on the shelf of the fridge. Soups, curries, frittatas...we've had them all. Homemade sauces where we control ingredients are quickly whipped up, and we've developed a love of steamed salmon and veg! 

How do we feel?
We're two months into this lifestyle change and feel fabulous. For Hapi the hangry is gone, he's sleeping better, and generally he's happier and more content. His doctor is very happy with his results too! Because he FEELS so much better in himself, he takes the time during the day to ensure he eats properly; so far so good.

My results have been astounding. Even with an occasional mis-step, for the first time in years my weight is slowly dropping, my digestive system is happier, and that dreaded painful gut is long gone. Dairy and gluten is pretty much gone from my diet now as paleo is naturally free of these ingredients, and I'm eating much much more each day.

We're healthier, saving money, saving time and happier to boot!
Hindsight is a funny thing...if we had only known years ago what we know now. Fortunately we do know now, and are reaping the benefits, and this is why we have set the shed up with a kitchen. It gives us a lot of joy sharing our journey with customers and friends, and you are welcome to come along too. 

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