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The Farmer's WifeMay 17, 20221 comment

Field to dreams

So many ideas...
After two years of riding the covid wave, we were looking forward to our new 'normal' and a return to a simpler life!

The field you see in the image above was prepared for a new intitiative at the farm. After so many requests over the years for a 'pick your own' operation, we started preparing the ground last November. Crazily the banana trees are still mostly standing, yet the ground is still too bogged down to prepare for planting. Let's hope we can get this going for spring.

Farming has been at an almost standstill since November. The weather has not dried up enough for Hapi to get out and plant, and whatever we have had in the ground has either succumbed to the rains, or rotted in the ground.

Before the floods

Then we endured the February floods 
As everyone knows the weather in February was relentless.The rains poured down through our shed, our shop, and wreaked havoc on our driveway. Several customers found themselves bogged in mud, with Hapi and his van to the rescue. Not to mention a shop floor that is a boggy mess, mould wrecked shelvings, and rain damaged stock. We had no choice but to shut the gate to visitors for the time being.

Boggy Mess

March was time for us to make some big decisions 
After two years away from Farmer's Markets, in March we had to bite the bullet, get our vaccines and boosters up to date, and head back to our usual markets and get hustling. There are no guarantees with farm life, and the markets give us an opportunity to take our story, and the story of other farmers, to our customer base. In this way we are able to help people understand why the price of food is rising, why there are food shortages and assure them that in time there will be  a normal again.

Our market set up

How our future is shaping up
With our feet firmly back under the market tables once again (and we love it too!) your opportunities to shop with us are changing. Here's where to find us...and also our thoughts for the coming months.

Friday Home Delivery
McKenzies Meats are once again handling most of our home deliveries, giving us the opportunity to reach more areas of Sydney with ease.

Price Increase
Over the past few months petrol prices, along with produce prices have increased massively. We have been absorbing these rises and doing our best to stay constant, while still providing you with our great fresh produce at bargain prices.

With the price rises here to stay for at least the short term, we do need to increase our delivery fees by $3 to offset costs. Sydney delivery is now $15, local area delivery $8, and all free for orders over $88. 

Farmer's Markets
Currently you'll find us in Ramsgate and Marrickville every Saturday and Sunday. We are considering options to add weekly markets in other areas of Sydney, it's just a matter of organising staff and time to get to everything

Saturday @ Ramsgate Food Market 8am to 2pm
At the school in Chuter Avenue

Sunday @ Marrickville Organic Food Market 8am to 3pm
At Addision Road Community Centre

Farmgate Shop
Currently the shop is closed while we level and repair the driveway. At this stage we are considering opening on a Friday afternoon to cover the hours before and after school pick up. We may also look at public holiday events too so you can come out to the farm and see where your food comes from!

And, that's it for now...till next month, take care, stay happy

Cath and Hapi



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Nora on May 18, 2022
The land and weather is certainly giving you a weekly challenge, loved the weekly news stay happy

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