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The Farmer's WifeMarch 06, 2021


We get it. Life can be hectic! And there is nothing worse than missing an ordering deadline, especially when it is for your favourite farm fresh produce. So, we've changed the way we do box subscriptions! 

EASY SHOP gives you the opportunity to place a standing recurring order with Field to Feast Farm and ensures you don't miss your regular order of fresh fruit & veg.

You can request weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, and if you ever need to skip a week, or cancel, all you do is get in touch. There is no minimum order, or set contract.



1) Complete & submit the EASY SHOP subscription form and we get you into the system.

2) You will receive an email the week your box is due with a link to make your payment.

3) Once the payment is made, you can leave the rest to us! 


Here are some frequently asked questions about our EASY SHOP that may help you:

What if I want to add more items to my order that week?
Simply do your shop online and at checkout, choose the option ADD ITEMS TO EXISTING ORDER. Remember to note the ORDER # that you want the additional items to be added to.

If the total order (EASY SHOP items plus & any add-ons) comes to over $99, we will automatically refund any delivery fee you have paid.

Can I subscribe to other products?
Currently we only offer subscription to our Seasonal Box range.

Is there any upfront payment for EASY SHOP?
You only pay for the box the week it is due for Farmgate Pickup or Delivery. You will receive an email the week your box is due and a link to complete your payment for that week.

When does my EASY SHOP subscription end?
There is no set time for EASY SHOP subscriptions. Once you are set up, the subscription will continue until you choose to cancel.

What if I go on holiday and don't need a box while I am away?
We recommend you contact us to let us know in advance so we can pause your subscription for the time you are away.

What if I forgot to let you know I wished to miss a week?
We can cancel your order provided you advise us before 7pm Wednesday the week of your Farmgate Pickup or Delivery.

What if I want to change my EASY SHOP subscription?
If you wish to make any changes to your EASY SHOP subscription, please contact us at

What if I want to cancel my EASY SHOP subscription?
You can cancel your EASY SHOP subscription at any time by contacting us at

If you have any further questions about our EASY SHOP subscription, please contact us at


Click here to sign up to our EASY SHOP subscription service.

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