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The Farmer's WifeSeptember 27, 2020

We're ahead of the game this week, and hope you will be too! 

It's asparagus season at the farm, and most days you will find Hapi bent over the patch cutting off the stems, and bunching up for your orders. This week we have it online at 2 bunch for $5. Totally spray free, no pesticides, no chemicals, just sweet tender shoots. Fun fact: birds think young asparagus shoots are worms, and often we find their trail of destruction in the bed!

Butternut halves going cheap: Butternut pumpkin was priced well at the markets we thought you would love a boost for your soup. Butternut, and pumpkin in general is in our Clean 15 lines. Clean 15 lines have reduced chemical residues due to the way they are farmed and their agricultural needs. Halves are online now for $2.50 each. Here's a tasty suggestion for a quick side dish for your dinner Hasselback Butternut Pumpkin.


Great tasting smoothies: Get the kids involved in the kitchen and crank out fruit smoothies to fill their bellies during the school holidays! Rockmelon is a wonderful addition to a smoothie, and the smaller size we have available saves on having leftovers in the fridge. And the smoothie bananas may be spotted on the outside, but for 'nice' cream and cooking, peel and freeze for the future. Rockies are just $3 each, smoothie bananas 2kg for $2.50.

Rockmelon Clean 15
Smoothie bananas 2kg $2.50

Organic broccoli and pears: The end of winter is when we see broccoli come down in price, and we know you love to feed this to the kiddies. Only $6kg, certified organic.

While we're feeding the family, let's sweeten things up with Packham pears at a ridiculous price of 4 for $6! Perfect for crumble, pears can also be sliced into a leafy green salad, topped with toasted walnuts and our Pesto Fetta in Olive Oil. 




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