You spoke, we listened...

The Farmer's WifeMarch 01, 2021

A VERY BIG THANK YOU to all the customers that completed our survey last week. We hope you enjoy your 10% discount!

Your feedback was invaluable to us and here are some of the changes we have already put in place:


It's now easy to find the link to This Week's Bargain Box:

We have now moved the link This week's Bargain Box to the top navigation on our homepage. It is situated beside the SHOP link.


It's now easier to search for the items you need:

We have introduced a new filter called Alphabet. So when you are shopping online, you can now go straight to the products you want, for example; B for Bread, O for Oil, or T for Tomatoes.


It's now possible to add items to a current order:

We have introduced a new option at checkout so you can Add items to existing order. When you choose this option, you will NOT be charged any delivery fee (which has been covered by your existing order). It is important to tell us your ORDER # in the notes section at checkout so we know where to add your items.


We are working through more improvements and will be sharing them as they happen, but in the meantime we hope these new additions will give you an even better shopping experience with us.

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