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The Farmer's WifeSeptember 22, 20201 comment

Our Bargain Box is always great value, providing you with quality (mostly) organic produce for less than normal retail. This week we’re picking beautiful silverbeet, cabbage, pumpkin and leeks from our farm for your boxes too.

Our local farming friends supply crisp Lebanese cucumbers and parsley, local free range jumbo eggs, and mushrooms so fresh they're often picked for us when we arrive.

The bargain box, which is the foundation for our other boxes, also includes chat potatoes, onions, juicing carrots, broccoli, green beans, salad mix, bananas, oranges*, apples, mandarins*, and pears.

All this for just $59 delivered to your door!

* indicates clean15.


If you click on the Shop menu at the top of our page, you can now go straight through to the items you wish to purchase. Don't forget to check out our Early Bird Savers. These disappear at 9pm Wednesday night, when Thursday delivery orders close.


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Van on September 22, 2020

Love the bargain boxes!!!!!

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