Back to the Original Bargain Box!

The Farmer's WifeDecember 27, 2021

After almost two years of Covid trials and tribulations, it is now time for us to shift the farm back to it's original format – providing the best value organic* fruit and veg box (aka The Original Bargain Box) you can find online!

Our Original Bargain Box comes with enough fruit, veg, & greens plus free range eggs to keep a family going for the week. We'll start with produce from our organic farm. Next we source from trusted local farmers, before looking at our wholesale suppliers for seasonal staple veg and fruit. *The box is always mostly organic, spray free or clean15.

You'll also find there are new options this year for you to choose from:
1. The Original Bargain Box : $49
2. The Family Bargain Box : $79 (includes free delivery)
3. The Low Carb Bargain Box : $49
PLUS you'll be able to swap eggs and specify† either fruit or veg in their place.

Click this link to go straight to the Bargain Box Page

† Swaps will be at the discretion of the packer on the day and will be for an equal value. Customers may specify either a fruit or vegetable preference in the notes during checkout.

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