Ever thankful for rain, however...

The Farmer's WifeMarch 21, 2021

…enough is enough, for now!

We've had so much rain in the past week or so that it's nigh on impossible to get out into the field. The wheelbarrow is stuck in the mud somewhere, crops are set to burst and we may not manage to get out and harvest, and the shed is soaked through!

A crazy week, but not unusual. In our area we usually get big rain around March/April and then again in November. These rains set us up for the coming season. It will soon be sunny again for sure!

How our boxes may look this week.
This week it is hard to plan ahead for our boxes as we don't know what we can get out in the field to pick, and that will also have a flow on effect for the local farms too. This is what we're planning on...with the warning things may change suddenly!

Bold text indicates new additions, and items removed are noted at the end of each list. *Asterisk indicates organic.

Autumn Bargain Box - $30
Potatoes*, beetroot*, onion, cucumber, carrots*, cherry tomatoes*, tomato, eggplant*, mushrooms, grapes*, apples*, oranges, pear*, plums*, seasonal fruit, cabbage, pumpkin*, swede*, salad leaves, parsley*. (Swapped out: sweet potato, shallots, lettuce)

Autumn Salad Box - $30
Cucumber, carrots*, capsicum, cherry tomatoes*, tomato, mushrooms, grapes*, pumpkin*, shallots*, beetroot*, lettuce*, salad mix, rocket, English spinach, parsley*. (Swapped: cabbage, shallots)

Autumn Essentials Box - $30 - formerly Low Carb.
Potatoes*, beetroot*, onions, cucumber, carrots*, eggplant*, cherry tomatoes*, tomato, field mushrooms, pumpkin*, cabbage, broccoli*, swede*, salad leaves, English spinach, parsley*, spaghetti squash*. (Swapped: sweet potato, turnip )

Please note: the Essentials Box is our veg only box, and has replaced what was formerly the Low Carb Box. If you wish to make this low carb, please make a note when ordering. We'll do our best to swap the produce with something to suit your diet.

Autumn Fruit Box - $30
Bananas, apples*, seasonal fruit, pears*, kiwi fruit, oranges, lemon, grapes*,melon, pineapple, watermelon. (Swapped: rockmelon(Update: strawberries - farm closed due to weather - not in box)

Autumn Family Basics - $40 - NEW!
Onions brown and purple, carrots*, capsicum, cherry tomatoes*, tomatoes, potatoes*, mushrooms, apples*, pears*, oranges, kiwi fruit, pumpkin*, bananas, broccoli*, cabbage, parsley*, baby English spinach, seasonal fruit, watermelon. (Swapped out: plums)  (Update: strawberries - farm closed due to weather - not in box)

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