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The Farmer's WifeOctober 06, 2020

Bargain Box 6 October 2020

This week the star of our Bargain Box is a lovely bunch of fresh picked asparagus. Some will be purple, others green, some fat, some thin. No matter which you get you'll appreciate the flavour and texture of local spring asparagus.  

Now let's take a look at the box contents...

Our regular Bargain Box: Asparagus, silverbeet, cucumber, oregano, cabbage, kohlrabi, potatoes, onions*, pumpkin*, lettuce, broccoli, mushrooms*, bananas, watermelon*, apples, mandarins* plus a tray of free range eggs. *indicates from our Clean15 lines.

Upsize to a Family Size Bargain Box and on top of the regular this week you'll get purple onions*, sweet potato*, dutch carrots, extra watermelon, and more fruit. 

For the Low Carb Box we remove the fruit and white potatoes and swap in sweet potato*, dutch carrots, radish, and a couple of lemons*. 

If you prefer a smaller box the Mini may suit you better as it is a pared back version of the regular Bargain Box.

Don't forget there are several other boxes that you can top up and save more like our Back To School Lunch Box which is perfect for Crunch & Sip, or a straight Bargain Fruit Box if you have a family of sweet eaters.

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