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The Farmer's WifeOctober 13, 2020

Many of our customers delight in their weekly Bargain Box...the variety and freshness compels them to cook a wide variety of meals, with ingredients they would not normally purchase. This is the way to a healthier diet, seasonal fresh food that changes regularly supplying a great range of nutrients, a win-win. 

bargain box contents

As the weather changes, so does the contents of our Bargain Box. Chamomile is blooming everywhere again so there is a relaxing tea in your future. Pak choy is similar to bok choy, and Hapi has plenty to pick for you this week.  

Our Early Bird Savers are online only until 9pm Wednesday night, and this is what you will find for this week:

Organic red and green cabbage just $3 each SAVE $4.
Organic oranges in a 3kg net now $10 SAVE $5.
Spray free local cucumbers $5kg SAVE $2.
Clean15 sweet potato $3.50kg.
Local field mushrooms $4 for pack of 4 SAVE $3.

organic cabbage $3 eachorganic oranges $10 for 3kgspray free cucumbers $5kg


Now let's take a look at the box contents...

Our regular Bargain Box: Asparagus, pak choy, cucumber, chamomile, red  cabbage, green beans, chat potatoes, onions*, pumpkin*, green lettuce (not pictured), mushrooms*, ruby grapefruit, bananas, watermelon*, apples, mandarins* plus a tray of free range eggs. *indicates from our Clean15 lines.

Upsize to a Family Size Bargain Box and on top of the regular this week you'll get purple onion*, sweet potato*, cauliflower, broccoli, extra watermelon, and more fruit, plus we'll swap the mushrooms to field mushrooms instead.

For the Low Carb Box we remove all the fruit (except grapefruit) and the white potatoes and swap in sweet potato*, cauliflower, broccoli, and field mushrooms*. 

If you prefer a smaller box the Mini may suit you better as it is a pared back version of the regular Bargain Box. For our plant based eaters, all boxes come with an option to swap eggs. The egg swap is generally something that isn't already in the box and is determined by the value of the eggs. 

Don't forget there are several other boxes that you can top up and save more like our Back To School Lunch Box which is perfect for Crunch & Sip, or a Bargain Fruit Box if you have a family of sweet eaters.

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