It's my birthday week and you get the gifts!

The Farmer's WifeMarch 28, 20211 comment

free watermelon

It's a little known fact...the farmer's wife does not like watermelon! And with the bumper crop that needs to go, I'm happily giving it to anyone who spends over $59 online before Wednesday 7pm! 

3 simple steps to get half a watermelon in your shopping this week…

1. Spend over $59 in one order before 7pm Weds 31 March

2. Add 'Hapi's Organic Watermelon Half' to your shopping cart

3. Use code MELON59 during checkout to activate your freebie.

If you all add a melon to your shopping you'll be helping us shift one of our rain affected crops and helping your local farm!


How our boxes may look this week. *Asterisk indicates organic.

Autumn Bargain Box - $30
Potatoes*, beetroot*, onion, cucumber, carrots*, tomato, eggplant*, mushrooms, grapes*, apples*, oranges, pear*, seasonal fruit, cabbage, pumpkin*, salad leaves, corn*, parsley*. 

Autumn Salad Box - $30
Cucumber, carrots*, capsicum, tomato, zucchini*, mushrooms, pear*, pumpkin*, shallots*, beetroot*, rocket, salad mix, English spinach, corn*, parsley*. 

Autumn Essentials Box - $30 - formerly Low Carb.
Potatoes*, beetroot*, onions, cucumber, carrots*, eggplant*, tomato, zucchini*, mushrooms, pumpkin*, corn*, cabbage, broccoli*, beans*, leeks*, salad leaves, English spinach, parsley*. 

Please note: the Essentials Box is our veg only box, and has replaced what was formerly the Low Carb Box. If you wish to make this low carb, please make a note when ordering. We'll do our best to swap the produce with something to suit your diet.

Autumn Fruit Box - $30
Bananas, apples*, seasonal fruit, pears*, kiwi fruit, oranges, lemon, grapes*, rockmelon, pineapple, watermelon. 

Autumn Family Basics - $40 - NEW!
Onions brown and purple, carrots*, capsicum, tomatoes, potatoes*, mushrooms, apples*, pears*, oranges, stone fruit, grapes*, pumpkin*, bananas, broccoli*, cabbage, parsley*, salad mix, shallots*, corn*. 


EASY SHOP is our new subscription service that allows you to have a standing order booked in so you never miss out. There's no additional cost, no subscription or membership fees, and no cancellation fees. You choose how and when you wish to have your order processed, and we send you an invoice prior to delivery. So simple even Hapi and I can manage the process ;) You can find out more here... 


Start shopping here!

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Tom on May 08, 2021

Hi guys. Question. Is everything organically grown and certified?

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