It's officially Autumn and time for our boxes to reflect the new season!

The Farmer's WifeMarch 01, 2021

autumn beets

Our Summer collection of boxes proved to be a popular success for both our customers and also with workflow at the farm.

Now that it is just Hapi and I at the farm it was time we tackled how to manage everything that we need to do in a week, without creating a huge back-breaking burden. Hapi now happily goes about his week planting and picking, while I spend Wednesday in the shed with Anne our volunteer organising and packing. It's a win-win situation for all!

With Autumn we find our taste for food changes along with the new season produce. Hapi is out picking beetroot and leeks today for our boxes, as well as a 'barrow full of silverbeet and parsley. Apples and pears are in season now, yet there will still be some of the summer crops for a few weeks yet, so expect to find zucchini and eggplant occasionally as well.

By request we have also created one additional box to suit households with less exotic tastes. Weekly our boxes change a bit here and a bit there, bit the Family Basics will stay fairly consistent all year round depending on availability of produce. With less from the farm and more items it will be $40, and amazing value!

Let's take a look inside our Autumn Boxes:


Autumn Bargain Box

Autumn Bargain Box - $30
Potatoes*, onions, cucumber, carrots*, zucchini*, tomato, mushrooms, grapes*, apples*, oranges, plums*, pumpkin*, watermelon, beetroot*, leek*, silverbeet*, lettuce*, parsley*.


Autumn Salad Box

Autumn Salad Box - $30
Cucumber, carrots*, capsicum, zucchini*, tomato, mushrooms, grapes*, pumpkin*, cabbage, shallots*, beetroot*, rocket, baby English spinach, lettuce*, parsley*.


Autumn Essentials

Autumn Essentials Box - $30 - formerly Low Carb.
Potatoes*, onions, spaghetti squash*, cucumber, carrots*, zucchini*, tomato, mushrooms, pumpkin*, cabbage, broccoli*, beetroot*, leek*, silverbeet*, lettuce*, parsley*.

Please note: the Essentials Box is our veg only box, and has replaced what we used to call Low Carb Box. If you wish to make this low carb, please make a note when ordering. We'll do our best to swap the produce with something to suit your diet.


Autumn Fruit Box

Autumn Fruit Box - $30
Bananas, mango, apples*, plums*, passionfruit, oranges, kiwi fruit, lime, lemon, grapes*, strawberries, pineapple, rockmelon, watermelon.


Autumn Family Basics

Autumn Family Basics - $40 - NEW!
Onions brown and purple, carrots*, capsicum, tomatoes, mushrooms, apples*, plums*, oranges, grapes*, pumpkin*, bananas, broccoli*, cabbage, shallots*, parsley*, lettuce*, watermelon, pineapple.


This week we start off with some cracker specials too!


Bananas NOW $3kg SAVE $1kg

Local farm fresh strawberries NOW $3 200g SAVE $1 

Organic spaghetti squash NOW $5 each SAVE $3

Specials end 7pm Wednesday night, and only while stocks last.


Start shopping here!

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