It's the end of summer...let's look at the box!

The Farmer's WifeFebruary 20, 2021


Summer is in full swing and our locally grown cucumbers are delicious! This week we have them at a great price so you can get pickling, or just enjoy chomping down on crispy fresh cakes.

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This is our last box for summer, and we have been working up ideas for our autumn range. We're thinking more soup and roast, and less salad. What do you think? Send us an email if you think you have an amazing idea to put better food in your belly this autumn. 

Summer Bargain Box • $30
Potatoes*, onions, bananas, pineapple, cucumber*, carrot*, zucchini*, tomato, eggplant*, mushrooms, grapes, mango, pears, pumpkin*, watermelon, shallots*, lettuce*, chard*, parsley*.

Summer Salad • $30
Cucumber*, carrots*, capsicum*, zucchini*, tomato, eggplant*, mushrooms, pumpkin*, grapes, shallots*, kale*, lettuce*, rainbow chard*, rocket, baby English spinach, parsley*.

Summer Essentials • $30 
Potatoes*, onions, squash, cucumber*, carrots*, zucchini*, tomato, eggplant*, pumpkin*, mushrooms, rainbow chard*, kale*, lettuce*, shallots*, parsley*.

Summer Fruit • $30
Apples*, pears*, mango, bananas, passionfruit, kiwi fruit, grapes, watermelon, lime, orange, grapes*, strawberries, pineapple, rockmelon.

Summer Flavour Pack • $12
Lemon, garlic, ginger, purple onion, chilli, kaffir lime leaves.

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Disclaimer: Occasionally box packing doesn't go quite as planned. A good dose of rain or humid weather, or even power supply issues, can affect our crops and supplies. We reserve the right to swap contents under these circumstances. Asterisk * indicates organic or spray free produce.

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