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The Farmer's WifeJune 06, 2021
The frosty chill has descended on the farm in recent mornings and we're saying good bye to the very last of our summer plants. We've had a great run with zucchini, but they now rot before the fruit is able to fully develop. It's time now to focus on the wintery delights of this season.
You'll find tomatoes in our boxes this week. Our local farmer friend Sam grows beautiful spray free tomatoes, and we have taken a good 150kg or more off him,  which we now have to shift. Nothing like a challenge Hapi! You'll find these are also one of our Buy 1 Get 1 FREE offers this week.
This week Hapi is picking greens from all over the farm, and until he does we are not sure which greens he will have for each box. So your greens and herbs will be a surprise!

This week you can Buy 1 Get 1 FREE with our Early Savers! 
Look for these Early Savers when you shop…
• Local tomatoes Buy 1kg Get 1kg FREE SAVE $5
• Ruby grapefruit Buy 1 Get 1 FREE SAVE $3.50
• Rocket 70gm Bags Buy 1 bag Get 1 bag FREE SAVE $2

What's in the Winter Bargain Box : $33 : click here to add to your cart
Potatoes*, onions, Jerusalem artichoke*, tomatoes*, beetroot*, parsnip, pumpkin*, carrots*, mushrooms, oranges, apples*, mandarins, lemon, cabbage*, celery sticks, lettuce*, shallots*, a green leafy bunch*, a herb*.

What's in the Winter Essentials Box : $33 : Low Carb : click here to add to your cart
Sweet potato*, onions, Jerusalem artichoke*, carrots*, lemon, mushrooms, cauliflower*, tomatoes*, beetroot*, parsnip, pumpkin*, cabbage*,celery sticks, fennel, lettuce*, shallots*, a green leafy bunch*, a herb*.

What's in the Winter Fruit Box : $33 : click here to add to your cart
Apples*, pears*, kiwi fruit, lemons, oranges, mandarins, passionfruit, pineapple, rockmelon.

What's in the Winter Family Basics : $40 : click here to add to your cart
Potatoes*, onions, carrots*, capsicum*, tomatoes*, eggplant*, beetroot*, parsnip*, mushrooms, apples*, pears*, oranges, mandarins, celery sticks, pumpkin*, a green leafy bunch*, cabbage, a herb*, lettuce*, shallots*.

What's in the Winter Flavour Pack : $12 : click here to add to your cart
Garlic*, shallots*, thyme*, bay leaves* and lemon. 

It pays to order early!
Place an order for over $69 in our store before 7pm Wednesday night, use code SAVER-5 during checkout and we'll give you $5 cashback. Ordering early helps us at the farm as Hapi can get organised early. Not available with any other discounts. 


McKenzies Meats are now our preferred partner for delivery!
We've had some lovely comments about their excellent service, and absolutely no complaints! How good is that? Remember you can also use code MM20 when you shop on their website to activate a 20% discount on your first box of meat. Click here to go to their website.

Please note: Occasionally we have to swap items in the box due to availability, or produce failures. In these instances we attempt to swap for a similar type of produce e.g. one fruit for another fruit etc. 

* indicates organic or spray free.

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