Rain, glorious rain!

The Farmer's WifeFebruary 02, 2021

The farm has had a good soaking!
We've had lots of lovely rain which is a blessing at this time of the year. Usually January is one of our driest months, making it ever challenging to grow crops in the heat. This week Hapi has a selection of greens and herbs, along with zucchini, squash, tomatillos and pumpkin that we'll be sharing in the boxes. 

Here's our box plan for the coming week...

Summer Bargain Box • $30
Potatoes*, onions, bananas, cucumber, carrots*, zucchini*, tomato, mushrooms, stone fruit, grapes, green beans*, heirloom pumpkin*, watermelon*, broccoli*, daikon*, cos lettuce*, silverbeet*, basil*.

Summer Salad • $30
Onion, cucumber, carrots*, capsicum*, zucchini*, tomato, mushrooms, lemon, heirloom pumpkin*, cabbage, daikon*, cos lettuce*, rocket, baby English spinach, parsley*.


Summer Essentials • $30 
Potatoes*, onions, cucumber, carrots*, zucchini*, tomato, capsicum, spaghetti squash*, mushrooms, green beans*, daikon*, cos lettuce*, shallots, pak choy*, parsley*.

Summer Fruit • $30
Apple*, bananas, grapes*, stone fruit, passionfruit, watermelon, orange*, papaya, watermelon, strawberries.

Summer Flavour Pack • $12
Lemon, garlic, ginger, purple onion, chilli, thai basil.

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Disclaimer: Occasionally box packing doesn't go quite as planned. A good dose of rain or humid weather, or even power supply issues, can affect our crops and supplies. We reserve the right to swap contents under these circumstances.


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