The end of Lockdown and this week's box line up! Week commencing 11 october!

The Farmer's WifeOctober 10, 2021
super savers

Super Savers are online now, and this week you can add zucchini, mandarins, kiwi fruit and iceberg lettuce at crazy low prices! You can check them out here!

Woohoo! We made it folks! We're almost completely out of lockdown, with first restrictions easing this week. 

In light of these changes to how we live, the Lockdown Box has now become our Bargain Box, and we're keeping the lower pricepoint too. Through lockdown we have learnt some of our customers prefer a cheaper box, whilst others prefer a larger slice of organic produce. We've also dropped the price on the Spring Fruit & Salad Boxes which gives you the option to stack your fridge the way it suits you.

What's in the Spring Bargain Box : $25 : click here to add to your cart
Potatoes, onions*, carrots, cucumber*, capsicum, zucchini, cauliflower*, mushrooms*, mandarins*, oranges*, apples, kiwi fruit,  pumpkin*, kohlrabi*, shallots, lettuce, beans, rainbow chard* or silverbeet*, thyme* or chives*. Add 12 local free range eggs for a total price of $35.

What's in the Spring Fruit Box : $25 : click here to add to your cart
Apples*, oranges*, passionfruit*, mandarins*, tangelos*, kiwi fruit, lime*, lemon*, watermelon*, mango, bananas, pineapple*.

What's in the Spring Salad Box : $25 : click here to add to your cart
Potatoes*, sweet potato*, onions*, carrots*, cucumber*, capsicum, cauliflower*, mushrooms*, lime*, cherry tomatoes*, red cabbage*, kohlrabi*, pumpkin, avocado*, lettuce*, 
shallots, broad beans*, kale*, chives*.

What's in the Spring Essentials Box : $33 : Low Carb : click here to add to your cart
Onions*, purple carrots*, sweet potato*, eggplant, zucchini, capsicum, cauliflower*, broad beans*, mushrooms*, cabbage*, kohlrabi*, pumpkin*, broccolini*, lettuce*, shallots, avocado*, broad beans*, kale*, rainbow chard* or silverbeet*, thyme* or chives*.

What's in the Spring Family Basics : $40 : click here to add to your cart
Potatoes*, onions*, carrots, sweet potato*, zucchini*, capsicum, cauliflower*, mushrooms*, apples*, oranges*, mango, kiwi fruit, watermelon*, mandarins*, bananas, pumpkin*, kohlrabi*, 
shallots, lettuce*, rainbow chard* or silverbeet*, thyme* or chives*, broccolini*, broad beans*. 

What's in the Spring Flavour Pack : $12 : click here to add to your cart
Garlic*, bay leaves*, thyme*, chilli*, lime* and ginger*. 



Please note: Occasionally we have to swap items in the box due to availability, or produce failures. In these instances we attempt to swap for a similar type of produce e.g. one fruit for another fruit etc. 

* indicates organic, clean15 or local spray free.


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