This is how you can feed your family fresh organics and SAVE!

The Farmer's WifeOctober 20, 2020


Our $59 Bargain Box

Designed to save you money our #bargainbox is always great value, providing you with quality (mostly) organic produce for less than normal retail. ⁠

This week for our regular Bargain Box we’re picking farm fresh purple butter lettuce, silverbeet, coriander and green cabbage. The bargain box, which is the foundation for our other boxes, also includes chat potatoes, onions*, mini cauliflower, shallots, pumpkin, cucumbers, bananas, watermelon*, apples, and mandarins*. Then we top it off with mushrooms*, and local free range jumbo eggs. Not pictured is a piece of butternut pumpkin*. *Indicates clean15. ⁠

If you prefer to keep things Low Carb, we remove the white potatoes and fruit from this box and add: Sweet potato*, asparagus, purple onions*, extra cucumber, cauliflower*, lemons, field mushrooms in place of the button mushrooms.

The Family Size Bargain Box is only $79 and has these extra items on top of the regular Bargain Box: Sweet potato*, asparagus, purple onions*, extra cucumber, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower*, grapefruit, field mushrooms in place of the button mushrooms, plus bananas, apples and mandarins.

If you need a smaller quantity then perhaps the Mini Bargain Box is perfect for you. We reduce the volume of the regular Bargain Box and remove some of the more exotic items too. Our free range eggs come in a six pack instead of 10. To activate free shipping you will need to add a bit more to your cart to reach $59, or perhaps buddy up with a friend and order 2 boxes!

Remember you can always choose to swap out eggs for no extra cost and we add in something different to keep the box interesting.

Be sure to check out our Super Savers section where you will find our Early Bird Savers along with any SALE buys that may be of interest. Especially good if you are feeding a large family.⁠ Click here to start shopping!

Where youʼll find us this week:⁠

🚚 🚜 🚚 Thursday our deliveries run through the Sutherland Shire, up the coast to the Eastern Suburbs, then back into the inner city and through the inner west. If you live to the east of Strathfield and Bankstown then this is your day.⁠

🚛 🚜 🚛 Friday our drivers cover the rest of Sydney heading out through our local area, west to Penrith, up through the Hills District, Hornsby Shire and all areas north of the harbour.⁠

Our farmgate is now open on Friday from 1-4 and Saturday 10-2. You’ll see our signs at the gate on arrival, and yes, we take cash or eftpos too. ⁠

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