Time to get onto those hearty winter warmers!

The Farmer's WifeMay 23, 2021

The week that winter arrived early!
Last Saturday morning, we arrived at the shed early to prepare for our farm gate and it was a frosty 7 degrees! Brrrrrrrr! Suddenly it was very wintery, and our fingers were numb with the cold. Unpacking poolrooms set to 4 degrees only adds to the winter chill.

With this frosty change, we've decided to move to our Winter Bargain Boxes a week or two earlier than planned. The Salad Box has been archived until the weather warms, along with some of the summer fruits we've been lucky to have for a longer time than normal.

At this time of the year the cost for local farmers to heat their poly tunnels becomes crazy. This affects the price of the produce massively, and you'll see a spike in cucumber and tomato prices. Eventually just prior to spring replanting the plants stop producing at a rate that makes the heating costs worthwhile.

For this reason, rather than contribute to the high cost of out of season food production we are removing cucumbers this week from our boxes. The tomatoes may stay in some boxes for a little while yet. This will make room for other winter veg that thankfully drops in price a little.

Early Savers


Our Early Savers this week are...
• Local farm fresh Button Mushrooms HALF PRICE NOW $2 FOR 200G SAVE $2
• Organic juicing carrots NOW $2kg SAVE $1kg
PLUS order before 7pm Weds to receive a FREE leek & bay leaves!


What's in the Winter Bargain Box : $33 : click here to add to your cart
Potatoes*, onions, Jerusalem artichoke*, turnip*, beetroot*, pumpkin*, carrots*, mushrooms, ruby grapefruit, apples*, mandarins, lemon, cabbage*, celery sticks, lettuce*, shallots*, kale*, thyme*.

What's in the Winter Essentials Box : $33 : Low Carb : click here to add to your cart
Sweet potato*, onions, Jerusalem artichoke*, carrots*, cherry tomatoes*, lemon, mushrooms, broccoli*, pumpkin*, cabbage*,celery sticks, fennel, lettuce*, shallots*, warrigal greens*, thyme*.

What's in the Winter Fruit Box : $33 : click here to add to your cart
Bananas, apples*, pears*, kiwi fruit, lemons, oranges, mandarins, passionfruit, pineapple, rockmelon.

What's in the Winter Family Basics : $40 : click here to add to your cart
Potatoes*, onions, carrots*, capsicum*, tomatoes, mushrooms, apples*, pears*, oranges, mandarins, bananas, celery sticks, cabbage, pumpkin*, lettuce*, shallots*, English spinach*, parsley.

What's in the Winter Flavour Pack : $12 : click here to add to your cart
Now we'll be cooking more soups and stews it's time to change the flavour pack to suit. From this week it will include: Garlic, leek, thyme, bay leaves and lemons. 


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