What's in this week's Bargain Box?

The Farmer's WifeSeptember 05, 2021

We're organised early this week! Below you'll find our proposed contents for all of our Bargain Box range...and we'll update the list if there are any changes by Tuesday afternoon.

Coriander alert: This week our herb will be either dill or coriander. Please make a note on your order if you are coriander adverse!

What's in the Winter Bargain Box : $33 : click here to add to your cart
Potatoes*, onions, carrots*, swede*, turnip*, sweet potato, mushrooms, capsicum, oranges, apples*, mandarins, cabbage*, pumpkin, avocadoa, broccoli*/broccolini, lettuce*, shallots* or leek, a leafy green*, a herb.

What's in the Winter Essentials Box : $33 : Low Carb : click here to add to your cart
Onions, carrots*, swede*, turnip*, sweet potato, broad beans*, cucumber*, tomato*, avocado, mushrooms, capsicum, cabbage, pumpkin, broccoli* or broccolini*, lettuce*, shallots* or leek, leafy green*, a herb.

What's in the Winter Fruit Box : $33 : click here to add to your cart
Apples*, pears, kiwi fruit, oranges, mandarins, tangelos, lime, lemon, bananas, pineapple.

What's in the Winter Family Basics : $40 : click here to add to your cart
Potatoes*, onions, carrots*, sweet potato, capsicum, mushrooms, pears, apples*, oranges, mandarins, avocado, pumpkin*, cabbage, cucumbers*, tomato*, broccoli* or broccolini*, a leafy green*, a herb, shallots* or leek, lettuce*.

What's in the Winter Flavour Pack : $12 : click here to add to your cart
Garlic*, onion flowers*, bay leaves*, chilli*, lime and lemon. 

What's in the Lockdown Bargain Box : $25 : click here to add to your cart
Potatoes, onions, carrots*, cucumber*, tomato*, capsicum, zucchini, lemon, mushrooms, oranges, apples, mandarins, pumpkin, broccoli or broccolini*, leek or shallots*, lettuce*, baby spinach*, and a herb. 

Please note: Occasionally we have to swap items in the box due to availability, or produce failures. In these instances we attempt to swap for a similar type of produce e.g. one fruit for another fruit etc. 

* indicates organic or spray free.

Ordering deadlines have changed
To ensure we get our runs sorted in time for GoPeople some of our ordering deadlines had to change. If you were a Friday regular you don't have to read on, as the changes impact our Thursday and Saturday local deliveries.

Orders for Thursday delivery are now required by 7pm Tuesdays
Orders for Saturday delivery required by 7pm Thursday
Orders for Friday delivery stay the same at 7pm Wednesday



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