What's in this week's Lockdown Bargain Box?

The Farmer's WifeJune 27, 2021

Our Covid update!
As an essential service we'll be continuing on through the two week lockdown so you can be sure of fresh fruit and veg for your family. It's hard to predict, but generally during lockdown we get busier with customers preferring home delivery. With this in mind our recommendation would be to get your orders in as early as possible this week and next to ensure you don't miss out. 

This week if you live in our Greater Sydney area, and order before 11.30pm Tuesday night you'll get FREE DELIVERY on orders over $69 - saving you $12! Use WeDeliver as your coupon code during checkout.

For our local area customers free delivery automatically kicks in at $40 - a $5 saving. 

This week's savers

Sweet Mini Seedless Watermelon : $4 each SAVE $2
Avocadoes : Buy 1 Get 1 FREE : SAVE $3
Check out all our early savers on the Super-Savers page.

What's in the Winter Bargain Box : $33 : click here to add to your cart
Potatoes*, onions, carrots*, Jerusalem artichokes*, mushrooms, oranges, apples*, mandarins, watermelon, cabbage, celery sticks, pumpkin, broccolini*, lettuce*, leek*, kale*, chives*, kohlrabi*.

What's in the Winter Essentials Box : $33 : Low Carb : click here to add to your cart
Sweet potato, onions, carrots*, Jerusalem artichokes*, mushrooms, cabbage, celery sticks, pumpkin, broccolini*, lettuce*, leek*, kale*, chives*, kohlrabi*.

What's in the Winter Fruit Box : $33 : click here to add to your cart
Apples*, pears*, kiwi fruit, lemon, oranges, mandarins, grapefruit, watermelon.

What's in the Winter Family Basics : $40 : click here to add to your cart
Potatoes*, onions, carrots*, capsicum, mushrooms, apples*, kiwi fruit, oranges, mandarins, celery sticks, pumpkin*, cabbage, watermelon, kale*, chives*, broccolini*, leek*, lettuce.

What's in the Winter Flavour Pack : $12 : click here to add to your cart
Garlic*, shallots*, thyme*, bay leaves* and lemon. 


McKenzies Meats are now our preferred partner for delivery!
We've had some lovely comments about their excellent service, and absolutely no complaints! How good is that? Remember you can also use code MM20 when you shop on their website to activate a 20% discount on your first box of meat. Click here to go to their website.

Please note: Occasionally we have to swap items in the box due to availability, or produce failures. In these instances we attempt to swap for a similar type of produce e.g. one fruit for another fruit etc. 

* indicates organic or spray free.

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