$4 Long Life Pack : Help feed people in need

Help feed people in need every week with our $4 Long Life Pack. The Long Life Pack has 5 food items that do not require refrigeration in a handy ziplock bag, and are designed to assist with meals in between the times the Street Kitchens operate. 

After visiting a street kitchen, our community members pick a Long Life Pack for the next day. Easy to carry, these packs help them through the day until the next street kitchen is set up. 

The packs include pre packaged items that loosely meet the following categories: 1) a sweet, 2) a nut, 3) a cheese, 4) a protein, 5) a drink and 6) tissues.

Add one to your shopping cart when you get a chance and we will pack the bag and supply to Katrina, our street kitchen liaison, when she arrives to collect our excess produce on Tuesdays. Street Kitchens operate in Liverpool, Illawarra and Sydney.

The $4 cost covers the 6 items, the zip lock bag, and packing. Field to Feast make bags in bulk to save cost and make no profit from this item.