Here are some of our most frequently asked questions...


There are certain fruit/veg/produce we are allergic too. Is it ok to request a swap?

We are always happy to have our customers comment if there are specific items they can not eat. We then do our best to make swaps based on the box budget of the week. There are no guarantees though that this will happen when packing, even though we do our best.


Do you think the produce will last for 2 weeks?

If stored correctly our produce should stay fresh for a week or more. Follow this link for our storage tips.


How many people do you think the bargainbox will feed?

It is impossible for us to suggest how many mouths you can feed with a bargainbox as all households are different. We like to think it is enough to feed a small family that cooks most days.


Is all of your produce certified organic?

To provide variety and range we source from various types of farms including certified organic farms. During the course of the year some certified organic produce is not available until the following season. To add variety to our diets we purchase also spray free, chemical free, along with ‘clean 15’ lines. These tend to be cheaper, which saves on your budget, allowing you to buy organic where it matters.


What does ‘Clean 15’ mean?

    Originally a term coming out of the US we have taken up the idea and applied the principles to Australian and Local produce. Some produce is grown with very few inputs, for example avocadoes, and this results in low chemical residues in the picked produce. Generally you will also find most of the Clean15 lines have thick skins which are usually discarded.


      Is it possible to select a specific delivery time?

      At the present moment our deliveries are made as part of a delivery route and in the most efficient order for the driver. Our delivery company no longer provide sms and email notification with tracking information. However, the orders usually arrive between 11am - 7pm.


        Can I visit the farm?

        Currently the farm is not open at a regular time as we are attending markets across Sydney on the weekend. Hop onto our social pages and follow to keep up to date with farm open days.


        Do you do any Farmer’s Markets at the moment?

        After 2 long years we have started back at Farmer's Markets in Sydney.

        Saturday you will find us at the Ramsgate Food Market in the public school on Chuter Avenue.

        And Sundays we are back at Marrickville Organic Food Market.


        Do you take eftpos?

        Yes, we are happy to accept eftpos or cash at the farm.


        Can I add more items after I have placed my order?

        Yes, you certainly can and there is NO DELIVERY FEE for adding items to an existing order. Simply add your items to the cart and at checkout choose the option ADD ITEMS TO EXISTING ORDER. Select the date of your Farm Pickup or Delivery - this must be the same date of your existing Pickup/Delivery order. *** IMPORTANT *** Please specify the ORDER # these items should be added to.


        Why can't I log onto my account?

        Customer accounts from our old website are no longer available (prior to Sun, 20 Sept 2020). You will need to sign up for a new customer account. Once you sign up, you will receive an email to verify the account.

        If you are unable to log on using your new account details, please check to ensure you have entered the right email address and password.

        If you have forgotten your password, click on the 'forgot my password' link and instructions to reset your password will be sent to the email address for the account.


        Contact us if you have any other questions, we'd be more than happy to help.