How We Farm - Dryland Farming

Long before the commercialisation of farming, most cultures could not afford irrigation or chemical inputs. The Tongans are still to this day subsistence farmers, meaning they grow food to feed their families. Relying only on rainfall and hard work, Hapi uses the same techniques at Field to Feast Farm.

The farm is located in Catherine Field, an area of Sydney that does not receive a lot of rainfall. Set on a clay base, the ground holds water for the new crops in composted vegetation and leaf matter. During the summer the surface of the soil tends to harden which helps to retain moisture in the beds. Our produce grows slower, which allows time for the natural sugars to develop. The slower growth also lends itself to more tender stems, as there is no need for the plant to send out ‘scaffolding’ to handle the rapid growth.


4 Oct 2014 - Costa tours the Field To Feast Farm and learns about our dryland farming technique.