Where Does Our Produce Come From?

Farming five acres in South West Sydney allows us to grow a wide range of greens, vegetables and herbs, along with a small range of fruit. Five acres may seem to be a lot of land, but in truth it is not. To cover our weekly needs we rely on sourcing produce from local farms, the organic wholesalers and Flemington growers. We are lucky that the climate in Australia is diverse, extending growing seasons throughout the year, just by shifting supply from one state to another.

As it is not possible for one farm to grow everything due to season’s change, we also source from the larger wholesale markets in Sydney. You’ll find we have a mixture of produce ranging from Certified Organic to Local Spray Free in our boxes. Our first stop are the organic wholesalers to ensure we have maximum organic produce on our shelves and in our Bargain Boxes. Then depending on shortages we seek alternatives starting with spray free, chemical free and clean15 lines. By using our knowledge of local agriculture, and through talking with farmers and suppliers, we supplement our range with the best options known to have the lowest pesticide residues. This not only increases variety, it also saves our customers when it comes to budget.

Here are the terms we use:

Certified Organic: This produce comes direct from the organic wholesale market and comes from all over Australia depending on the season.

Organic: Our farm is organic without certification. We do not use any sprays, fertilisers, chemicals or pesticides at our farm. We have regular Farm Open Days giving you an opportunity to view our farm in person.

Spray Free: Some local farmers grow spray free for us, meaning they don’t spray their crops with chemicals, which reduces chemical residues in the produce.

Clean15: You may have heard of the Dirty Dozen, a list of produce that you really should consume organic if possible. Then there is a list called Clean15, which generally has low levels of chemical residues when grown conventionally. Using our knowledge of Australian farming we determine what are the best buying options to help save on your budget.

Market Fresh: Sometimes we don’t know the farmer, or have knowledge of how an produce is grown, so we list these lines as Market Fresh.