*** SUBSCRIBE & SAVE *** Bargain Box Low Carb : BBLC (swap eggs) : FORTNIGHTLY

Our Low Carb Bargain Box is a weekly mix of mostly organic, seasonal veg, local mushrooms and free range eggs. We remove white potatoes and fruit from our Bargain Box to create a box perfect for people that prefer veggies only. Occasionally we may add blueberries, green apples or lemons and limes if the season allows. The image is indicative only.

Please specify if you do not like coriander!


This product is a fortnightly subscription to our Bargain Box and upfront payment is needed.

We also have the Zip payment option which means you can spread your costs over several weeks if you prefer. Click here to find out more.


1) ADD: Add this product to your cart.

2) KEEP SHOPPING: Keep shopping for any other items you'd like to be included in this order (only subscription items will be recurring).

3) CHECKOUT: Check out and select the date you would like the first order to be picked up or delivered to you. The date selected will be the first week of your subscription.

4) DISCOUNT CODE FOR EXTRA ITEMS: If you have chosen delivery, we will send you a subscription discount code that will enable you to order more items online each fortnight without paying for any additional delivery fee (code will be limited to the weeks your subcription delivery is due).

Now you can sit back and relax and leave the rest to us! We will make sure you receive your Bargain Box each week plus any additional orders you place online.

Terms & Conditions

a) The subscription shipping method cannot change. If at the time of purchase you selected a Thursday Delivery, then the Bargain Box will be delivered to you every fortnight on Thursday. The same applies to Friday Delivery and Farm Pickup.

b) We cannot add extra items to your subscription service each week. You will need to create a new order online and apply the subscription discount code to waive the delivery fee which you have already prepaid as part of this subscription service.

c) If the subscription discount code is used, all items within the order will be shipped to the same delivery address as the original subscription order.

d) The subscription discount code can only be used by the customer who purchased the subscription and cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash or used to purchase other items.

e) The subscription discount code is only valid until 9pm the night before the subscription box delivery.  

f) Subscriptions cannot be cancelled, exchanged or refunded.